A Lent to Remember – Parishwide Lenten Study

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Father Pedersen

We begin the holy season of Lent this week on March 6th with Ash Wednesday. I pray you will make this A Lent to Remember. In addition to prayer, fasting, and almsgiving Lent is a perfect time for growth in the knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith. To make this A Lent to Remember the Church of the Sacred Heart will be conducting an All Parish Study utilizing FORMED, an online platform and smartphone app with great Catholic content for the whole family. By studying the mercy of God with the series FORGIVEN we will make this A Lent to Remember. This internet-based platform is free for all Sacred Heart Parishioners. Go to shrmn.formed.org, then click the register now button, enter your name, email address, zip code, and create a password. Then sign in. If you have a smart phone go to the App Store and search for Formed, download the app and start using FORMED right away.

There are many ways to participate in this All Parish Study on different days of the week. There are four sessions. There will be many groups meeting on different days of the week. Choose a day and time that works for you. If you have a conflict on one of the dates of your day and group, then choose a different day and group to fill in the gap. This study includes a video from dynamic Catholic speakers followed by a facilitated discussion about the topic with the Tuesday and Thursday Groups. The discussion with the Saturday and Sunday groups will be free flowing.

Making this A Lent to Remember with FORGIVEN on FORMED is but part of the Lenten Journey. We must not forget the importance of more fervent prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. With the days that remain before Ash Wednesday make your Lenten plan, so you can hit the ground running.

Yours in the Sacred Heart of Jesus,
Fr. Bryan J.B. Pedersen

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