Archbishop Hebda Visits Sacred Heart

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On Sunday June 10th, 2018 coinciding with the 12th anniversary of the Dedication of the Church of the Sacred Heart, Archbishop Bernard Hebda, visited Sacred Heart and celebrated the 10:00 AM Mass. In his homily he noted how the Rite of Dedication places a special focus on the lay faithful who as living stones form the living temple of God, the Body of Christ serving as His hands and feet in this world. Following Mass a reception was held, with the opportunity to greet Archbishop Hebda in the Parish Commons, and a brunch catered by Miltons in the Gymnasium. Many parishioners availed themselves the opportunity to meet the Archbishop, and also enjoyed a delicious meal.  One parishioner, Jennifer Hakes, who was speaking to her young son Sebastian in Italian nearby the Archbishop, while he was still in the Parish Commons was surprised when the Archbishop began conversing with them in Italian. Archbishop Hebda had lived for ten years in Rome while earning Pontifical Degrees and working in various Vatican Offices. The Bentler Family, including James and his wife Selamawit and their three children, Abigail and Issac, both of whom attend Sacred Heart Catholic School, and their newest addition, had the opportunity to visit with Archbishop Hebda when he sat down next to them during brunch. Overall it was a splendid day to give praise to God and celebrate the beauty of Sacred Heart Catholic Church and her people.