Archbishop Hebda issued a statement regarding the tragic death of George Floyd which has led to a great deal of social unrest in our community. We join together as Catholics of the Church of the Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale under the guidance of our chief shepherd as we all work to  promote justice for George Floyd and peace and reconciliation for our local communities in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota.

~Fr.Bryan J.B. Pedersen

Please read below:

May 27, 2020
From Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda:
The video of George Floyd in police custody Monday evening is gut wrenching and deeply disturbing. The sadness and pain are intense. Let us pray for comfort for his grieving family and friends, peace for a hurting community and prudence while the process moves forward. We need a full investigation that results in rightful accountability and veritable justice.

Particularly at this time when human fragility has been brought into focus by the Covid-19 pandemic, we  are called to respect the worth and dignity of each individual, whether they be civilians in need of protection or law enforcement officers charged with providing that protection. All human life is sacred.  Please join our Catholic community in praying for George Floyd and his family, and working for that day when “love and truth will meet [and] justice and peace will kiss” (Psalm 85).