Stewardship 2018-19 – Formed in His Heart, Serving with His Heart, Giving from His Heart

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The Summary Report detailing the results of our Increased Offertory Program has been mailed.  If you have not received the Summary Report, please contact the Parish Office.  Thank you to all who have chosen to participate in this very important program:  “Formed in His Heart, Serving with His Heart and Giving from His Heart”.  It is not too late to turn in a commitment card.  There are blank cards at various locations in the Church and Parish Office.  You can also, at any time, change to Electronic Giving if you are not currently doing this.  It is a very easy and convenient way to give on a regular basis.  Please contact the Parish Office with any questions.

Formed In His Heart – Brochure – 2018_8.5×11