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Thank You Archbishop Hebda and Sacred Heart Parishioners

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We had a truly wonderful celebration for the 12th Anniversary of the Dedication of Sacred Heart with Archbishop Hebda. He told me that on the night before he had celebrated Mass at Immaculate Heart of Mary in Minnetonka, and that with his visit to us, he made it to both “Hearts” in the same weekend. I can’t express my gratitude enough to all of you who made the Archbishop feel so welcome. Whether in a visible role as altar server, lector, extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, or as Usher and Greeter, or an audible role with the members of the choir, cantors, and our outstanding organist and music director, Jeffrey Patry – actually just prior to the start of Mass while Mr. Patry was playing the organ prelude Archbishop Hebda asked if the organist was our regular to which I responded yes, perhaps he thought we brought a “ringer” to play, but the truth is we have a “ringer” every week – or those behind the scenes providing our hospitality after Mass, with Darlene Doran and a dedicated crew of volunteers serving, in the kitchen, and in the scullery, we truly had a great visit with Archbishop Hebda. Thanks also to Jennifer Hakes, a professional photographer and one of our parishioners, who volunteered her time and talents so we could appropriately remember this visit. Thanks you Jennifer!


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