The Keep It or Cut It Challenge: Cut It Wins!

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Update: February 13th, 2019 – A special thanks to all who participated in the “Keep It or Cut It Challenge.” On February 8th at the start of the 2019 Sacred Heart Catholic School Annual Gala – whose theme this year was “Give with All your Heart” – Keep It – Team St. John Vianney was in the lead by $1,300. However, by the end of the night Cut It – Team St. Paul over took Team St. John Vianney. Cut It – Team St. Paul raised $3,000 in all, while Keep It – Team St. John Vianney raised $2435. So soon Fr. Pedersen will lose his locks. Overall, we raised $5,435 for tuition assistance at Sacred Heart Catholic School. That is enough to fully fund one students tuition and fees.

Very soon at a school assembly the official “hair cut” will occur, and Fr. Pedersen will be Fr. Man-Bun no more! It is his hope to donate his hair for childhood cancer patients who lose their hair due to chemotherapy.

Fr. Pedersen, Pastor of Sacred Heart

For several years now the Pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Robbinsdale, unlike most Catholic priests has had “The Full Jesus Look” with both long hair and a full beard. But now the Pastor is wondering if he should get his hair cut and beard shorn. In order to benefit the Tuition Assistance Fund for Sacred Heart Catholic School the Pastor wants you to decide through a contest. There are two sides: “Keep It – Team St. John Vianney,” since the patron saint of parish priests also wore his hair long, and “Cut It – Team St. Paul.” since St. Paul the Apostle is often depicted as follicly challenged. Your donations to Team St. John Vianney or Team St. Paul for the benefit of Sacred Heart Catholic School tuition assistance will decide whether the Pastor keeps it, or cuts it. Check out the following promo video about this challenge. Even Archbishop Hebda and Bishop Cozzens have chosen a a team. Watch the video to find out which Team they are on.

Click Keep It – Team St. John Vianney to make your donation for long hair, or Cut It – Team St. Paul to make your donation for short hair. Remember, the team that raises the most money wins. Which team are you on?

The challenge ends on February 8th, with the results announced at the end of the 5th Annual Sacred Heart Catholic School Gala – Give With All Your Heart. Get your tickets now to the Gala to find out the side that wins live. And don’t forget to click the links above to donate to your team!