The Ascension parish was set off from the old Parish of the Immaculate Conception in February, 1890, with a territory embraced being all that lying north of Twelfth Avenue, and extending north to the city limits and west to Robbinsdale. From this original parish area two new parishes have since been created, that of Robbinsdale, which includes all of the old parish area west of the city line and that of St Bridget’s. (The Ascension Messenger, May 1919)

Jun. 8, 1894

Father Jeremiah Harrington is assigned to take charge of the Ascension church in North Minneapolis at age 29. He was born in county Cork, Ireland January 29, 1865. At the age of twelve he entered college to prepare himself for that high vocation which already was calling him with gentle whisperings to his life’s work. At St. Michael’s, Listowel he remained during his college course, until he took up the study of philosophy and theology at the seminary of All-Hallows, Dublin, where he was ordained to the priesthood for the Archdiocese of St Paul on June 24, 1889. In September of the same year, he received his first appointment from Archbishop Ireland, who assigned him as assistant pastor at the parish of St Anthony, Minneapolis, to which the church of St Lawrence was attached as a mission. In September, 1892, he took up the duties of Prefect of Discipline at the College of St Thomas, St Paul, Where he remained until the summer of 1894, when he was appointed successor to Father Alexander Christie as pastor of Ascension Church, then in the initial stages of its growth, a potentially rich vineyard in the making. (The Ascension Messenger, May 1919)


In order to attend Sunday Mass the Catholics in Robbinsdale travelled 4 miles in to North Minneapolis to the Ascension parish or 2 miles west on the Rockford Road to worship at St Mary’s in Crystal Lake Township. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose + news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

Apr. 5, 1910

The Catholics of the village and vicinity held another meeting Tuesday night at Mr. Nagles’s, and plans were perfected to soon start the erection of a beautiful Catholic church in Robbinsdale. This will be good news to a large number of our people. Let the good work go on. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 4/8/1910)

Apr. 29, 1910

Joe Boise Jr. (future first parish trustee) has bought two fine lots at the corner of Hubbard and Harrison Avenues. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 4/29/1910)

May 13, 1910

Father Harrington of the Ascension Church, Minneapolis, will speak to Catholics of Robbinsdale at the Town Hall on Sunday night, May 15th. All Catholics and their families should attend this meeting, as plans for the new church will be discussed. Shirley D Klapp, Secretary (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 5/13/1910)

King Edward VII of England dies.

Pope Pius X is 75 years old.

May 15, 1910

A large number of the Catholic families of Robbinsdale met at the Town Hall, Sunday night to listen to Father Harrington, of the Ascension Church, tell about plans, etc., for establishing a church in this village. His outline was listened to intently by his audience and it is now up to the residents here whether Robbinsdale has a Catholic church or before next fall. They have been promised a priest if they will furnish the church. C. J. Nagle also gave a few remarks, setting forth the plans of the committee and urging uniform action and liberality of all Caltholics (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 5/20/1910)

Jun. 3, 1910

It looks as though the Catholic Church for Robbinsdale is going to be an assured thing. Let the good work go on. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 6/3/1910)

Jun. 10, 1910 – Mass Meeting of Local Catholics

The Catholics of Robbinsdale held a well attended meeting in the Hall Wednesday night.

The meeting was called to order by President Nagle, followed by an address by Father Harrington. He was quite well pleased with the subscriptions for the new church, but told them they were still behind an amount to start a church. After calling on the members present for additional subscriptions, nearly $1000 was pledged.

The Catholics have decided to give and old fashioned Fourth of July picnic, which will undoubtedly bring a large number of people here.

The Entertainment Committee for the picnic were appointed by the president as follows: Wm Gorman, chairman, Michael Hand, Gust. Urban, Thomas Girling, Wm. Martin, J A Boies Jr., Joseph Koenig, Charles Schuller, P W Gearty, Chas. Nagle, S D Klapp, John Trump.

The Dining Room and Refreshment Committee: (All of the prior committee’s wives)

The Committee to look up Sites for the Church: Wm H Gorman, Michael Hand, John Bloberger, John Tombers. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 6/10/1910)

Andrew B Robbins dies at his home in Robbinsdale.

Jun. 24, 1910

The Great Catholic Picnic for July 4th will be held in Martin’s Grove, three blocks down the Rockford Road. A splendid place for such an event.

The Catholic Organization have their site chosen and the property will be transferred as soon as papers can be drawn up. A splendid location has been chosen by the Site Committee.

Mr. Gorman of the Program Committee of the Picnic, has been devoting every minute of his spare time to make this picnic what it should be a decided success. Now everybody, altogether, give a little boost and help a good thing along.

A large number of prominent business houses of Minneapolis have donated prizes and materials and supplies, etc. to the Catholics for their big picnic. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 6/24/1910)

Jul. 8, 1910

The Big Robbinsdale Celebration and Catholic Picnic is now a matter of history, but every live one agrees that it was a big success. At one time there was nearly two thousand people on the grounds and they were coming and going all day. Yes a splendid success.

The official total of receipts taken in at the picnic amounted to $648.65. This is a good showing and proves it a success. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 7/8/1910)

Jul. 15, 1910 – Ice Cream Social

The Catholic Club will give a lawn social and dance on the Friday evening July 29th in Martin’s Grove, where the picnic was held. Everyone invited. Remember the date, July 29th. Joe Boise, Jr. Chairman of committee

The Catholics held another meeting in the Hall, Wednesday night, and fixed the closing transactions of the big picnic and listened to the report of the Club members. Between $400 and $500 net was realized from the day’s celebrations, which proves it a big success. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 7/15/1910)

Aug. 15, 1910

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show will be in Minneapolis, August 16th at the circus grounds at 26th & Cedar. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 8/5/1910)

Aug. 16, 1910 – Catholic Mass Meeting

Only a few turned out to the meeting at the Hall Wednesday night, so the decision on location was deferred until Sunday, at which time Father Harrington will come out and visit different locations with the Site Committee. Father Harrington made a strong plea for better harmony and a more united effort among residents here otherwise he would withdraw his assistance.

The Catholic Club will give another big Dance and Ice Cream Social in Martin’s Grove, on Saturday night, Aug. 20th. The Gadbois Orchestra has been secured and the floor remodeled, so dancing will be much better than before. Every body turn out. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 8/19/1910)

Aug. 20, 1910

The amount taken in at the Social and Dance Saturday night by the Catholic Club amounted to $120. A good crowd attended. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 8/26/1910)

Sep. 2, 1910 – New Church

The site for the new Catholic Church of Robbinsdale has finally been decided. It is located on our Main Street, corner Harrison. Three lots have been secured giving ample room for church and pastor’s residence. Much credit is due Mr. Bloberger, Chairman, and Mr. Hand, Secretary of the building site committee, on their selection of the property. A meeting of all Catholics will be called for by Mr. Hand soon – at which time a Building and Finance Committee will be appointed to take charge of the Building. Ground will be broken as soon as title to property is received. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 9/2/1910)

Sep. 17, 1910

The Electric lights were turned on every street in Robbinsdale last Saturday night. It seems good to see lights on the street corners, and they will be better appreciated on dark wintry nights. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 9/23/1910)

Oct. 7, 1910

It is reported that Mrs. A B Robbins has purchased the property called Martin’s Grove for a consideration of $3,000. The dancing floor, etc. were removed this week. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 10/7/1910)

Oct. 17, 1910

The Catholic church will be commenced next Monday, when crews will excavate. Ground is to be broken next week for the basement of the new Catholic church. The site was purchased from Mrs. Daniels and the deal closed on Thursday. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 10/14/1910)

Oct. 28, 1910

The Catholic Church work is well on the way and the basement is nearly completed. It is expected that the work will be pushed to an early completion.

Mrs. John Bloberger and Mrs. J Boies and daughters are preparing for a jolly Halloween Party, Monday night at the Hall, benefit of the Catholic church. Refreshments, games, etc. All cordially invited to attend. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 10/28/1910)

Nov. 4, 1910

A large gathering attended the Halloween Benefit for the Catholic church at the Hall, Monday night and quite a little money was taken in by the ladies. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 11/4/1910)

Dec. 23, 1910

Gus Urban opens his new meat market in a newly constructed building right next to his previous shop. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 12/23/1910)

Jan.   31, 1911

The Robbinsdale Catholic Club will give a dance Tuesday evening January 31st. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 1/27/1911)

Jan.   31, 1911

There was a large crowd at the Catholic Club Dance last Tuesday. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 2/3/1911)

Mar. 31, 1911

The work on the new Catholic Church in our village will be started at once and will be completed before fall. We have not seen the plans of the new ediface, which at this time are in the hands of Archbishop Ireland, but we are assured that the ediface will be an ornament to our village. The basement completed last Fall is 30’X78’, but it will probably be enlarged to 40’X78’. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 3/31/1911)

April 17, 1911

The Catholic dance last Monday (Easter Monday) proved a big success, a large number of couples attending from the city and surrounding country. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 4/21/1911)

April 30, 1911

Meeting of all Catholics at the Hall next Sunday at 2 PM. It is very urgent that you attend. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 4/28/1911)

May 11, 1911

A group of ladies met at the home of Mrs. Joe Boise, Jr. on Thursday PM to discuss the formation of a Ladies Catholic Club to aid in church work. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 5/12/1911)

June   9, 1911

The Holy Name Catholic church at Medina was struck by lightning last Saturday night and burned to the ground.

Don’t forget the big Ice Cream Social tonight by the Catholic Club. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 6/9/1911)

June   9, 1911

The ice cream social which was given by the ladies of the Catholic Club last Friday evening was well attended and all enjoyed the generous serving of cake and ice cream. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 6/16/1911)

June 30, 1911

The Catholic church building committee are making preparations to receive bids for the construction of the church here, which is expected to be started early in July. The church is to be enlarged to 40’X60’. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 6/30/1911)

July   8, 1911

They say that “every dog has his day”, but the Klapp and Bloberger dogs ended theirs last week when Mr. Bloberger (village sheriff) ended their existence with a bullet. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 7/14/1911)

July 14, 1911

The Catholic Church organization is making rapid progress with their building plans. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 7/14/1911)

July 19, 1911

Articles of Incorporation, establishing the Church of the Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, are pre-signed by Rev. Jeremiah Harrington (pastor), Sherill D. Klapp (Clerk for RMS) and Joseph A. Boies, Jr. (Millwright for McLaughlin, Gormley & King Co.) (PG 1911.2 / 1107-1068

July 28, 1911

The Catholic Club is busy making preparation to start the building of the new Catholic church on the corner of Harrison and Crystal. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 7/28/1911)

Aug. 12, 1911

Articles of Incorporation are signed by Bishop John Ireland and Rev. John J Lawler, Vicar General, of the Diocese of St. Paul, formally establishing the Church of the Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale, Minnesota. (PG 1911.2 / 1107-1068)

Aug. 27, 1911

There was a profitable and interesting meeting of the Catholic Club and church organizers at the Hall last Sunday afternoon and plans are being laid for prompt work on the new church building. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 9/1/1911)

Sep.   8, 1911

Work has commenced on the new Catholic Church, and will be pushed rapidly. We are sorry that none of our resident firms were awarded any of the building contracts, as we are strongly for patronizing our home industries and labor. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 9/8/1911)

Sep. 15, 1911

Articles of Incorporation, establishing the Church of the Sacred Heart in Robbinsdale, Minnesota, are filed at 3:30 P.M. in the office of the Hennepin County Recorder. (PG 1911.2 / 1107-1068)

Sep. 20, 1911

Local building contractor, Frank H Raidt (1623 Dupont Ave. N) provides a Surety Bond to the Church of The Sacred Heart that he will “erect for said Church, a church building, in the said County of Hennepin, and to deliver the same to said Church on or about the 1st day of December, 1911 for the sum of $6,875.

Sep. 29, 1911

The Catholic Church is rapidly assuming the likeness of a church. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 9/29/1911)

Oct. 21, 1911

Meeting held at the residence of Rev. J Harrington. A motion was moved, seconded and adopted: that Sherill D Klapp and Jos. A Boise, Jr. be added to the members of the Corporation of the Church of the Sacred Heart of Robbinsdale.

Oct. 29, 1911

At the meeting of Sacred Heart held at the Rev. J Harrington’s residence, it was moved, seconded and adopted: that Sherill D Klapp be named secretary and Jos. A Boise, Jr. be named treasurer of the Corporation.

Nov.   3, 1911

The Sacred Heart Church of Robbinsdale will give a big Fair the last of this month in the new church. Watch for future notices. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 11/3/1911)

Nov. 10, 1911

The Church of The Sacred Heart borrows $4,000 from the North Side State Bank, located at the corner of Washington & Plymouth Avenues, as a mortgage loan payable in 5 years (due 11/10/1916).

Nov. 24, 1911

Active preparations are in progress for the big Concert and Fair at the Sacred Heart church commencing Dec. 3. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 11/24/1911)

Dec. 3, 1911

The Catholic Church Fair will be opened Sunday evening, Dec. 3, by a concert at the church and the Fair will be continued through the week. Church services are expected to commence, Dec. 10. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 12/1/1911)

Dec. 29, 1911

The Sacred Heart Church of Robbinsdale was opened Sunday last to a very large congregation, Father Harrington occupying the pulpit. The church was crowded to overflowing and people came from miles around to attend the first service in this new church. Bishop Ireland will dedicate the building early in January. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 12/29/11)


When the church was built it had eight pews, according to my mother. I don’t know if she meant that there were four on each side or eight on each side. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Jan. 17, 1912 – First Wedding In New Church

Mrs. Beham of Robbinsdale and Mr. Nickolas Theilan of Albertville, Minn. were married at the Sacred Heart Church in Robbinsdale on Wednesday morning, January 17 at 9:30. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 1/19/12)

Mar. 14, 1912

The Rosary Society of the Catholic Church is composed of the ladies of this parish and after dedication of their new church they expect to reorganize. They are not now holding meetings since they gave the church fair, which was such a splendid success, but rather later on they will take up the work with renewed effort. At present the officers of the society are: President – Mrs. Joe Boise, Treasurer – Mrs. Benninghoff, Secretary – Mrs. Klapp. (The Robbinsdale Times, Thursday 3/14/12)

Apr. 8, 1912

Rev. Father Hickey – performed the marriage Ceremony at Sacred Heart Church Monday, April 8 at 9:30 AM (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday 4/12/12)

Before the assignment of a resident pastor, various priests from the Ascension parish, at Fr. Harrington’s direction, including Fr. Francis Nolan, would come out to Robbinsdale to celebrate Mass and the sacraments. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Apr. 11, 1912 – Easter at the Catholic Church

On Easter Sunday the Sacred Heart Church of this place was filled to the utmost capacity, many of the children and parishioners giving up their pews and sitting in the gallery to accommodate the large congregation present. A most excellent and eloquent sermon was given by Father Hickey on the Resurrection which made a deep impression upon the hearts of all those who heard it.

The altar was draped in spotless linen covered with Easter lilies and palms, making a striking and beautiful effect.

According to custom in all Roman Catholic churches at Easter, a special collection was taken for the benefit of orphans.

Father Hickey made the welcome and pleasing announcement that the Archbishop would probably dedicate the Church within a week or two. (The Robbinsdale Times, Thursday, April 11, 1912)

April 15, 1912

The RMS Titanic strikes an iceberg off New Foundland and sinks at sea claiming the lives of over 1100 passengers and crew.

Apr. 29, 1912

Rev. J Harrington, Sherill D Klapp and J A Boise sign a six month promissory note to borrow $200 from the Robbinsdale State Bank at 7% interest. On Oct. 24th a partial payment was made of $50 on principal and $7 on interest. On Dec. 1, 1912 the remainder of the debt was paid and the note retired. (PG1912.1/1201-220)

May 3, 1912

The Catholic Sunday School at 9 AM is steadlily increasing in numbers. At present they six classes. Mrs. Clapp is the Superintendant. Service at the Catholic Church Sunday morning @ 10 o’clock. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, May 3, 1912)

May 4, 1912

A basket social will be given at the village hall by the confirmation class of the Sacred Heart Church on Saturday evening, May 4. Everybody welcome. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, April 26, 1912)

May 10, 1912

The confirmation class of the Sacred Heart Church gave a very enjoyable and well attended basket social at the hall Saturday evening. The receipts from raffling the baskets amounted to $20.80 of which $1 went for expenses. After the lunches were disposed of the young folks enjoyed several games before dispersing. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, May 10, 1912)

May 29, 1912

Miss Lucy Krussow marries Mr. George Giebenhain at the home of the bride at Bass Lake. (The Robbinsdale Times, Thursday, May 30, 1912)

June 1912

Reverend Francis Nolan, assistant pastor of Ascension Parish, was ordained in June, 1912, at St Paul’s Seminary, St Paul, by Most Reverend Archbishop Ireland. He was immediately assigned as assistant to Father Harrington.

His bright and cheery personality and untiring zeal have won for him many permanent friendships in our community. (The Ascension Messenger, May 1919)

Jun. 14, 1912

The Committee of the Catholic Church of Robbinsdale are making preparations for a gigantic Fourth of July celebration in the grove near the Point. Watch for future announcements. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, June 14, 1912)

Jul, 1, 1912

Father William Henry Blum began his tenure as pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Robbinsdale at age 34. Fr. Blum, born July 16, 1878 in Murdock, Minnesota, studied at St John’s College, completing his classical courses in 1896 at age 18, before attending the St Paul Seminary. He was ordained a priest at the Seminary Chapel on September 28, 1902, at age 24, by Archbishop Ireland.

He was initially assigned as a temporary assistant to Monsignor Cleary at St Charles parish in Minneapolis. In April of 1903 he was placed in charge of St Walburga’s parish at Fletcher. His next parish was St Albert’s at Albertville, where he directed the erection of the church edifice. He then moved to the parish of St Francis in Buffalo, Minnesota in April 1904, where he served until his assignment as pastor to Robbinsdale and Crystal Lake. (The archdiocese personnel-clergy assignment card + biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

The parish contained 38 families. Father Blum boarded in Minneapolis and came out every day to Robbinsdale. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Jul. 5, 1912 – Catholic Picnic

The Catholic picnic at Point Grove (Manitoba Park & Crystal Lake Ave) was a big success and a large stream of people were coming and going the entire day. Nearly everything edible was cleaned up during the evening. The dance platform accommodated large crowds, especially in the evening. We understand that quite a neat sum was cleaned up which will be appreciated by the ladies who devoted their time and energy to make it a success. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, July 5, 1912)

Jul, 21, 1912

Present Rev. Wm. H Blum & S D Klapp. The first meeting with the new Pastor. It was decided to lower the Pew Rents to the following schedule:

4 sittings          $24 per year

3 sittings          $20 per year

2 sittings          $15 per year

1 sitting           $ 8 per year

The schedule holds good for sittings in any part of the church. The Pew Rent was reduced from a higher schedule as an inducement that all who should have pews would take them. No other business transacted. S D Klapp – Secretary

Jul. 28, 1912

Sophie Marie Hommes was the first baby baptized in the new church. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Aug. 16, 1912

The young people of the Catholic church have organized a choir and they sang on last Sunday’s service for the first time. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, August 16, 1912)

Oct. 13, 1912

An informal meeting was held and decided that as long as the people of the Crystal Lake Parish refused to rent pews at Robbinsdale, but were willing to pay $400 per year for Priest’s support the Parish of Robbinsdale would pay $600. The Crystal Lake people were to pay 10 cents a sitting on Sundays when using pews at the Robbinsdale Church. S D Klapp – Secretary

Nov. 8, 1912

Woodrow Wilson Elected President over Howard Taft and Theodore Roosevelt.

Nov. 15, 1912

The Ladies’ Social Club of the Sacred Heart church will give a chicken pie supper in the basement of the church next Thursday evening, November 21. There will be a large variety of aprons on sale, also a candy booth in charge of the young ladies. Come and bring your friends. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, November 15, 1912)

Nov. 17, 1912

Special meeting. Since the Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws allow an Advisory Board or Parish Counselors, the following were appointed counselors: John Bloberger, P N Gearty, Niel Kringlet, Charles Schuller, Niel Martin and Frank Pomerleau. S D Klapp – Secretary

Nov. 22, 1912

The basement of the new Parish house adjoining the Sacred Heart church was started this week.

About 24 young people of the Sacred Heart church have banded themselves together and will hereafter be known as the Jocquetto Club; they have adopted white and green for their colors and the following song was written for the club by its president, Miss Rose Bloberger. Brownie Song of the Jocquetto Club. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, November 22, 1912)

Dec. 6, 1912

The Social Club of the Sacred Heart church cleared about 150 dollars at their chicken supper and sale on Thursday evening, Nov. 21. About 400 persons were seated and enjoyed the bountiful supper between five-thirty and eight-thirty. A large number of Minneapolis friends attended and many from the surrounding country. There was a booth where fancy aprons were sold and several articles and fowls were raffled. The Social Club was organized to further the church work and its president is Mrs, S D Klapp. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, Decenber 6, 1912)

Dec. 13, 1912

The Young Ladies Club of the Sacred Heart church gave a Penny Social in the church parlors Wednesday evening. They cleared about sixteen dollars, the proceeds to go toward giving the children of the Sunday school a Christmas tree. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, Decenber 13, 1912)

Dec. 27, 1912

Another case of scarlet fever has developed here. Little Ruth Rathbone is the latest victim.

There will be a big dance at the Hall New Year’s Eve given by the Jocquetto Club. Invitations are already out and a good time is promised. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, Decenber 27, 1912)

Dec, 29, 1912

Pastor, Secretary and Treasurer, present. On account of the lay Trustees being absent on Sundays on account of their work it was agreed that the Pastor take in money in their place. The people who wished to pay the Pastor may do so, or if they wished to pay the lay Trustees when they had the opportunity, the lay Trustees would take such payments. Receipts to be issued by each member who received money. For convenience it was further agreed that the Pastor keep the books of the Parish and make payment of Parish bills that would come due. For this purpose Parish checkbooks would be ordered and checks signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Pastor. Books were balanced for the year and turned over to the Pastor. The Pastor was instructed to read a report in the church of the receipts and disbursements for the year 1912. S D Klapp – Secretary

Jan. 17, 1913

The Jocquetto Club will give a social dance in the Hall on February 3rd. Their dancesare considered very popular. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, January 17, 1913)

Jan. 24, 1913

It is rumored that the new bell for the Catholic church has arrived.

The ladies of the Sacred Heart parish are selling chances at 25 cents each, on a 100 piece Haviland china dinner set. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, January 24, 1913)

Jan. 31, 1913

The Robbinsdale Ice Co. are erecting a new ice house on Lake Crystal adjoining their other ones. This company is increasing its patronage quite largely every year. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, January 31, 1913)

Feb. 7, 1913

The Jocquetto Club of Robbinsdale gave one of their excellent social dances in the hall last Monday night and it proved the biggest success of any dance held for some time, especially from a financial standpoint, as we understand the club cleared about $30.00 over all expenses. This is certainly a wonderful showing and speaks well for the popularity of those dances.

There were special services at the Sacred Heart church on the evening of Ash Wednesday. Each Friday evening during Lent there will be special services. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, February 7, 1913)

Feb. 14, 1913

Everybody is invited to the Oyster Supper which the ladies of the Sacred Heart church will give in the dining room of the church next Tuesday evening from six o’clock until all are served. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, February 14, 1913)

Feb. 28, 1913 – Thursday Social Club

The ladies spent a busy afternoon sewing for their fair to be held next fall. They are planning to have a kitchen shower after Easter to fit up the basement kitchen of the Sacred Heart church.

The hours for Sunday morning services at the Sacred Heart church next Sunday will be Low Mass at 8:30 and High Mass at 10:30. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, February 28, 1913)

Mar. 7, 1913

There is quite an epidemic of measles in the vicinity of Medicine lake. Only nine pupils are now attending school there. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, March 7, 1913)

Mar. 21, 1913

The new bell for the Catholic church arrived last Saturday. It rang out its first summons to mass Sunday morning. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, March 21, 1913)

Apr. 11, 1913

Dr. C E Hurd, who has an up-to-date dental establishment at 523 20th Ave N is desirous of meeting the people of Robbinsdale who are in need of professional services. See his adv. elsewhere. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, April 11, 1913)

Mar. 18, 1913

S J Franklin is reported quite ill with typhoid fever. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, April 18, 1913)

May 9, 1913

There will be a program of special services at the Sacred Heart Catholic church next Sunday, May 11th. A class of 32 children will receive Holy communion for the first time at the 9 o’clock Mass. A second Mass will be celebrated at 10:30. The celebrated choir, consisting of 36 voices of St Anne’s church, under the direction of Mr. Goutier, will render the music at this Mass. At noon dinner will be served by the ladies of the Parish in the basement of the church. At 2 p.m. the Rt. Rev. Monsignor Guilliot will bless the new bell which was donated to the Parish by our famous Dr. Colp. Services will conclude with benediction. All, irrespective of church affiliations, are cordially invited to these special services, as well as the services conducted in the church at other times. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, May 9, 1913)

May 16, 1913

The Sacred Heart church had an important day last Sunday in their history. In the morning a large class of boys and girls attended confirmation services and were served with communion breakfast; the class consisted of about forty boys and girls. The ladies served a chicken dinner from 12 to 2:30 pm and at 2:30 the open air services of the Bell blessing was held in accordance with the sacred Rituals of the church. About forty dollars was contributed by those desiring to ring the bell. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, May 16, 1913)

Jun. 13, 1913

The Ladies’ Thursday Social Club held a meeting Thursday Afternoon in the basement of the Sacred Heart church and decided to plan for a good time and picnic on July 4 at the picnic grounds at Crystal Lake Heights. Meals will be served and amusements provided for all. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, June 13, 1913)

Jul. 11, 1913

The Sacred Heart Church of Robbinsdale cleared up quite a little money on their Fourth of July picnic, but would have done much better had the weather been more ideal; the whole evening was lost, on account of the heavy storm which broke about 8 o’clock. A large display of fireworks was left over, and the committee expect to have a celebration soon and use them for the evening display. We learn that the ladies served a most delicious and bountiful dinner and supper that day, and everyone was satisfied. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, July 11, 1913)

Aug. 8, 1913

Mr. and Mrs. S D Klapp are moving to Minneapolis and will sell their home in Robbinsdale. Mrs. Klapp and children are now away visiting friends. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, August 8, 1913)

Sep. 19, 1913

Father Blum injured his back last week Wednesday while trying to help out at the new parsonage basement. He finally managed to get home in his auto and is recovering. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, September 19, 1913)

Nov. 14, 1913

The Catholic parsonage is rapidly nearing completion and will be a fine looking building when complete. (The Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, November 14, 1913)

Dec. 26, 1913 – Catholic Entertainment

There was a very delightful Christmas program given Tuesday night by the Sacred Heart Church. Every person taking part did well and the large attendance greatly appreciated the various selections. A most enjoyable evening was spent by all attending. (Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, December 26, 1913)

Jan. 2, 1914

A Reward: Stolen Monday night, from Sacred Heart Church, a boy’s bicycle. A liberal reward will be paid for its return to Mr. T DeMars, Robbinsdale. (Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, January 2, 1914)

Jan. 8, 1914

The Robbinsdale Ice Co., have nearly completed their immense new ice house on Lake Crystal. It will be one of the biggest ice houses in the state when completed. (Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, January 8, 1914)

Feb. 20, 1914

Rev. W H Blum is now established in his new residence. (Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, February 20, 1914)

February 1914

The parish house was completed in February 1914, at a cost of $5,700. (Father Blum biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

Feb. 20, 1914

Father Blum moved into the new parish rectory. The Catholics of St Mary’s in Crystal Lake Township consolidated with Sacred Heart. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

May 1, 1914

The Jocquetto Club entertainment at the Hall last Friday proved to be a decided success and the filled Hall was a tribute to the earnestness with which the members of the club did their work. The two plays presented were: Cranford Dames & Boys Will Be Girls. (Robbinsdale Tellit, Friday, May 1, 1914)

Mar. 1, 1916

Rev Wm. H Blum, Pastor’s letter addressed to all parishioners identifies the Pew Rent Schedule and sets expectations for Sunday Plate Collection, Special Collections and Special Monthly Collections and last but not least, the Ladies’ Church-Cleaning Collection. (CH1916.1/1201-222)

July 1916

Sacred Heart bought 3 more lots on Hubbard Ave. for $1200. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


The new church was completed in 1917 and dedicated on Christmas day of that year. (Father Blum biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

Jan. 2, 1918

Accepting the invitation of the Pastor, the Trustees, Consultors and 15 men of the Parish (25) in all (5 absent), a Parish business meeting was held at the parsonage. The Pastor acted as chairman and John H. Reimer as secretary. After a few introductory remarks by the Pastor the report of the receipts for the year 1917 were read. It was found that the receipts for the past year were not as large as the preceding year. The principal cause of the shortage was found in the neglect of parishioners paying their Pew-rents. The report showed that $468 back pew rents were charged against delinquent parishioners. A general discussion followed as regards the cause of this neglect. At the end of the discussions several motions were made, duly seconded and unanimously carried:

  • The Pew Rent to remain as previous years: viz. (State schedule)
  • Those who are in arrears with their Pew Rent were to be notified in writing that they are in arrears, and if payment is not made by the 1st of Feb. those in arrears are to forfeit the right to their pews. It was strongly emphasized that it was not the intention to exclude anyone from Church, but those who had no Pews and those who would forfeit the right to pews formerly held by them, would occupy Pews in the Gallery or other pews assigned to them by the ushers and pay the sum of 15 cents for each sitting occupied.
  • Instead of the former sum of 10 cents per sitting for those who have no pews, in the future the sum of 15 cents will be charged.
  • Four ushers were to be appointed for the late Mass and one man selling tickets at a table for sittings not rented. Two ushers for the early Mass.
  • The Special Monthly Collection was discussed and it was unanimously decided to be a fair collection and to remain in force for year 1918. Those who could support this collection in the past and have not done so on the ground that others have not supported it were severely censured for acting against the dictates of their conscience and for having so little regard for the law of justice in a matter which was so fair and just.
  • It was decided that the pastor keep the books, handle the money and do the financing as in the past. The Treasurer was instructed to sign sufficient checks in advance, so as not to inconvenience the pastor in paying bills.
  • Chicken Supper, Oct. 30, 1918.

January   1919

                        Year                1914                1915                1916                1917                1918

Pew Rents       $255.50           $208.25           $449.00           $275.00           $509.25

Plate Offering $215.31           $200.65           $300.00           $258.03           $327.35

Sent Money                                                     $ 12.20           $   9.00           $ 34.80

Special Rec.    $693.53           $168.30           $193.15           $192.15           $504.25


Total                1164.34           $577.20           $954.35           $734.18           1375.65


Bills to July 1, 1918 = $1298.57

From hand written notes for Annual Meeting:

Reading of Minutes

Reading of Financial Report – Easter Collection, Pew Rents, etc.


Nominations for New Trustees – term expires June 7th

Liberty Bond suggestions

How about annual formalized report stating what each one contributed

School – Guarantee $1000 – if $2000 raised

Lot report

Chicken feed

Church Painting


Three additional lots on Hubbard Ave. were purchased for $1200 cash and 3 more lots on Broadway. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


Saving for a school started in1921, the first year of the project. Money was added as time went by until the parish had $20,000 on deposit. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


Fr. Blum purchased more lots on Broadway adjoining those already purchased. The property where the old blacksmith shop stood was part of the purchased. Father bought it for $1600 in 1923. The property consisted of 11 lots, 5 on Broadway and 6 on Hubbard. Robbinsdale was growing so fast, the public school was crowded. The council heard rumors about a new Catholic school and they were pleased because that would take the pressure off at least for a while. Father Blum opened bids in 1923. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Nov. 6, 1924

The founder of Sacred Heart Church in Robbinsdale, Reverend Jeremiah D Harrington dies at age ?? (Father Harrington Memorial Pamphlet)

Mar. 10, 1926

Ground was broken for the school. Father Blum had opened bids in 1923. He found Cavanaugh Brothers had the most advantageous proposal. So they built the school containing 6 classrooms, 2 toilets (one for boys, one for girls, 8’ X 21’). An office, 11’ X 12’, basement auditorium, 52’ X 100’, largest in Robbinsdale at the time. Looking up you could see 5” huge beams 54’ long and weighing 9,750 lbs. The roof was known as #7 asphalt & pitch. The plastering was done by Peter Ruffenach and George Lees did the plumbing and heating. Father insisted on a Robbinsdale sub-contractor and he hired John Shaw to do the finishing painting. There were 92 doors, 97 windows. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

The school was completed in 1926 at a cost of $45,000. (Father Blum biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

Aug. 1, 1927

The convent was completed at a cost of $22,000. (Father Blum biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

The convent was built for the Sisters of St Benedict, who staffed the school. The nuns had initially rented the Pomerleu house, while the convent was being built. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

The old church was enlarged.


Trancepts and a sanctuary were added to the church.

Dec 14, 1929

From the Hennepin County Enterprise: New Organ To Be DedicatedMidnight Mass Will Be Sung At Sacred Heart Church – The beautiful new organ at the Sacred Heart church will be dedicated at the Midnight Mass, which will be celebrated beginning at 12 o’clock, Christmas eve. The mass is the beautiful one of St. Leonard. Mrs. Fred Fuller is the organist and Paul Knotz is the choir leader.

Jul. 2, 1930

At a regular meeting of the Board of Sacred Heart Church – Robbinsdale represented by Rev. William H Blum, P J Ruffenach and Chas. E Hurd a resolution was passed to build an addition to the school building of 30 by 45 feet at the approximate cost of $12,000. It was also resolved to borrow the sum of $18,000 from the Catholic Aid Association for 5 years at an interest rate of 5 ½ % to pay for the cost of the addition to the school and to pay off a $6000 promissory note given by the Corporation to the Security State Bank of Robbinsdale on Mar. 14, 1930. (PG1930.1/0501-45)


The new addition to the school was completed in the winter of 1930, at a cost of $11,000. (Father Blum biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

Jul. 27, 1931

Rev. William Blum died at the St Cloud Hospital at age 53. He had been pastor at Sacred Heart Church in Robbinsdale for 19 full years. He had been in failing health for about three years and a year before his death found it increasingly difficult to carry on the work of building up the parish and attending to his many duties. His Funeral Mass was held at Sacred Heart church in Robbinsdale and he was buried at St Mary’s Cemetery in Minneapolis.

During his stewardship in Robbinsdale, Father Blum baptized some 2,000 people and confirmed a similar number. (The archdiocese personnel-clergy assignment card + biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)

July 30, 1931

All Robbinsdale business places were closed on the day of Father Blum’s funeral, Thursday, July 30, as a token of respect to the man who had done so much for his parish and the community as a whole.

No single death in the village was probably ever more universally mourned in the area than that of Father Blum. He was truly a man who belonged to the community.

It was, therefore, not strange that the name of Father Blum was almost instantly suggested when the Knights of Columbus Council # 3656 was organized. (Father Blum biography news article written by H O Sonnesyn in 1953)


Rev. Francis Nolan is appointed pastor by Archbishop John G Murray.


A chapel and school rooms are added onto the old church. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


More than 200 Minneapolis street car bodies were sold as cabins or outbuildings. Car # 1268 went to Sacred Heart Catholic School in Robbinsdale, where it was used as a playhouse for children for many years.

Aug. 1, 1957 – Robbinsdale Parish Starts Church Drive

Sacred Heart Catholic parish in Robbinsdale today started a drive to raise $400,000 for a new church and 8- room school addition.

Constructed of Mankato stone, the new church will be situated on the corner of Hubbard and Forty-first avenues N., present site of the Elwood hotel. Both the hotel and a house next to it have been bought by the church, and will be moved to new locations.

The school addition will consist of eight classrooms, two added this fall and six more before Sept. 1958.

The new facilities will give the church almost a square block of buildings in Robbinsdale.

The old church on the corner of Broadway and Fortieth and one-half avenue N. will probably be converted into a parish hall, according to Richard Kessler, director of the drive.

The new church is needed, Kessler said, because the 1200 families in the growing Robbinsdale parish overflow the church’s 450 seat capacity. The new church will seat 942.

Money pledged in the drive will be paid over a 170-week period starting Sept. 1. Construction will start “as soon as possible,” Kessler said, with a completion goal of Christmas 1958.

General campaign chairman is John Kudrna.

The present church was built nearly 50 years ago as a mission of the Church of the Ascension. First resident pastor was Father W H Blum. He died in 1931 and was succeeded by Pastor Francis Nolan, present pastor. (The Minneapolis Star, August 1, 1957)

Dec. 25, 1958 – New Sacred Heart Church Completed

The first services in the new Sacred Heart Catholic church, 40th and Hubbard Aves., will be carol singing on Christmas Eve.

The building is completed and the following schedule of Christmas Masses and confessions will be followed in it: Solemn High Masses – 5 and 10:30 a.m., Low Masses – 6:30, 7:15, 8, 8:45, 9:30 a.m., Devotion at Crib – 7:30 Christmas night also Friday, Dec. 26 and Saturday, Dec. 27.

The regular schedule beginning Sunday, Dec. 28 will be: Masses on Sunday -6, 7:30, 9 and 10:30 a.m. Daily Masses – 6:30, 8:15. Saturday Mass – 7:30 a.m. Baptism Sunday – 3 p.m. Evening devotions – 7:30 p.m. Sunday – Compline; Tuesday – Rosary; Thursday – Holy Hour. Confessions: Saturday – 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 p.m.

Father Francis Nolan, pastor of the church, broke ground for the new church Dec. 28, 1957. At that time it was said that plans would be made to have the new church in use by Christmas 1958.

Except for the Masses on Sunday, during which all doors will be open, the only open door to the church will be the chapel door at the extreme end of the building.

Next Sunday, Dec. 28, will be the last Sunday to make payments on church pledges for 1957 as all contributions for 1958 must be made by Dec. 31.

By a special grant of Pope John XXLII, Catholics will be permitted to eat meat on Friday, Dec. 26. (North Hennepin Post, Thursday, December 25, 1958)


The expanded school facilities consisting of sixteen rooms were completed. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Jun. 3, 1966

Karen Olson graduates from Sacred Heart School. Her graduation booklet is signed by Fr. Nolan, Fr. Kennedy and her eighth grade teacher, Sister Ethelda.

Jul. 10, 1966

Father Francis Nolan is suddenly taken ill and dies in the side chapel of the new church building. He and others had been taking shelter from a dangerous summer storm in the basement of the new church.

Aug. 23, 1966

Rev. Alfred S Wagner is appointed pastor by Archbishop Leo Binz. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


Father Wagner is assigned to be pastor at St Helena’s in Minneapolis. He is replaced briefly by Rev. John Flaherty as pastor. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Mar. 16, 1970

Rev. Wallace Hermes is appointed pastor by Archbishop Binz. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Sep. 30, 1973

Groundbreaking for the Parish Multi-Purpose Activities Building. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Nov. 3, 1973

The “old original landmark” church, which had stood solid for 62 years, was destroyed by fire.

Sep. 30, 1974

The Activities Building is completed and dedicated. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


Father Hermes is assigned to be pastor at Holy Trinity church in Waterville, Minnesota. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)

Jun, 15, 1976

Rev. John E McGrath is appointed pastor by Archbishop John Roach. (The written notes of Mary Ambrose)


The new Parish Rectory is constructed after attempts to remodel the old rectory instead of demolishing it were negated by architects and contractors, citing substandard plumbing and dangerous wiring. There had been one fire in the old rectory.


Rev. John McGrath dies.


Rev. Robert Zasacki becomes pastor.


Rev. Michael Creagan becomes pastor.


Rev. Bryan J. B. Pedersen becomes pastor.

The Church of the Sacred Heart Robbinsdale, Minnesota

(1911 – 2011)