Sacred Heart Music Ministry Opportunities

Do you enjoy music but have been afraid to get involved with the Music Ministry at Sacred Heart? Do you feel that you are not a good enough musician? Do you not read music? Has it been a while since you’ve sung in a choir? Forget about all these concerns and jump into the music program here at Sacred Heart!

Music is a very important ministry, and I would like to personally invite you to become involved in one or more of our ensembles. The Bible tells us many times to praise our Creator through the art of music. Just the word “sing” (not its derivatives) is mentioned in the Bible 48 times – not counting the Psalms!

Joining Sacred Heart’s Music Ministry also provides you with a chance for fellowship, something many of us need, particularly in current times when opportunities for fellowship have been diminished. Consider joining any of these ensembles. We would welcome any new members with open arms!

For further information, contact Jamie Schmidt, Director of Sacred Music by email at or by phone (763) 285-6287. I look forward to speaking with you!

2022-2023 Calendar details coming soon!

SACRED HEART CHOIR – This ensemble rehearses on Thursdays from 7:00-8:00 PM and sings at the 10:00 AM Sunday Mass 2-3 times a month from October through May. They also sing on the High Feast days. The Sacred Heart Choir sings a variety of repertoire from Latin motets to African American Spirituals. This ensemble is also open to those in high school. Music reading is helpful but not required. Rehearsals begin on September 22, 2022.

AUDITIONED CHOIR ENSEMBLE – This is an SATB chamber ensemble with 8 – 12 members, specializing in acapella works as well as other works of different styles. This group sings once a month and rehearses twice monthly on Thursdays from 8:05 – 9:00pm. Basic music reading skills required.  Choir to be named by inaugural members!

FESTIVAL CHOIR – This is an ensemble comprised of the Sacred Heart Choir as well as other members of the parish. This ensemble sings during the Christmas and Easter Feast Days.  This is a perfect choir for those of you that can’t make a commitment to singing the entire season. Rehearsals will be held 1-1 1/2 months before the scheduled performance. Stay tuned for more detailed calendar information.

HANDBELL ENSEMBLE – The adult handbell ensemble rehearses in the school cafeteria on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 PM and plays once a month at the 10:00 AM Mass and on major Feast Days. High school age kids are also invited to join this ensemble. Music reading is helpful for this ensemble. Rehearsals begin on September 21.

CANTOR - If you are a vocalist and want to give your talents as a cantor, please email Jamie Schmidt for an audition. Music reading and an ability to sight-read is helpful. I would love to welcome any new cantors!

INSTRUMENTALIST - There are plenty of opportunities to enhance our worship with instruments (piano, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, guitar, etc.). Get in touch with me if you are interested in sharing your talents as an instrumentalist. A minimum of 2 years of experience on your instrument is required.

If you are interested in joining one or more of these ensembles or would like further information, please email Jamie Schmidt, Director of Sacred Music at or call at (763) 285-6287.