“Jesus chose to be surrounded by a small group of 12 ordinary people for discipleship and friendship. Archbishop reminds us of the Greek Word “oikos” that means household; you can help build and strengthen your family and neighborhood by bringing in those you love. Catholic theologian and an international speaker, Dr. Mary Healy, visited our archdiocese last Pentecost. Upon reading the letter, “You will be my Witnesses,” she sensed that Archbishop Hebda is on the cusp of something big not only in this Archdiocese, perhaps for the entire nation and beyond.

In Archbishop Hebda’s original vision for small groups, he hoped that every parishioner in every parish would eventually be in a small group of some kind, within the parish, in an attempt to make each parish stronger and to actually live out our mission to make Jesus Christ better known, followed, and loved. As an archdiocese, there are over 16,000 participants. At Sacred Heart alone, we have over 70 participants within 10 different groups. Our small group sessions are typically two times per month for 1.5 hours and follow a model of praise, personal sharing, teaching on a particular topic, discussion, announcements, intercessory and healing prayer. We are extending new invitations to all parishioners to our growing flock of missionary disciples. We are building a community and true friendships through Christ.

As year 2 approaches, we will have a particular focus on source and summit of Catholic life, the Eucharist and the Mass. This will coincide well with the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage in our Archdiocese May 24-31. Find out more at eucharisticpilgrimage.org or see insert in this weekend’s bulletin.

The following testimonials are from two of our small group members highlighting the gift their experience has been so far:

“Beginning in Lent, I participated in the Synod Small Group, You Will Be My Witness, “Lord, Teach Us To Pray.” My experience has been wonderful for several reasons. First, it provided further opportunity to grow in faith, strengthened my relationship with God through prayer-all done in a more communal setting. It also taught my to be more deliberate about my faith and the practice of it, the importance of prayer, including reflecting on all the wonderful gifts God has given in my life and considering what I can do for God. Second, it provided an opportunity to discuss our Catholic faith with others, in a supportive environment which allowed my faith to continue to grow, with a hope that it will flourish. Third, it allowed my to grow in my relationships, to strengthen existing relationships, develop new ones, and enjoy friendship and fellowship in a faith filled setting. Fourth, it continuously provides opportunities for me to push myself outside of my comfort zone, including being more public about my faith. I think of the words quoted by many, “Jesus died for you in public so let’s not practice our religion privately.” I would encourage everyone to take a second look at the Synod Small Groups and consider joining. The Lord is waiting for you.” -Anonymous

“The Synod is a gift to and from our church and our fellow parishioners, giving us opportunities for song, learning about the gospels and how they relate to our lives, and healing prayer. We share about the graces we receive through considering Jesus’ presence in our relationships, work lives, and all the ordinary day-to-day events. I didn’t really think about handing my concerns to Jesus before I joined the Synod Small Group. Another aspect of the small groups that has been really special to me has been the opportunity to meet diverse members of our parish and learn from them. Each morning as I begin the day, I think of the reminder from a fellow synod member, “God is good all the time.” -Anonymous”

Groups can be joined at any time.  See link below or contact the Parish Office for more information.

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