4/7/2021 Post

Father Pedersen will continue with the Holy Communion Service on Wednesdays 4-5pm.  The current on-line sign-up has expired.  Please contact the Parish Office directly to sign up going forward.

1/27/2021 Post

Additional Holy Communion Time Slots Added Through End of March:  Father Pedersen will continue with the Holy Communion Services on Wednesdays 4-6pm. through the fall.   Click on the link to sign up  Holy Communion Sign-up

12/14/2020 Post

We have added additional Mass sign-ups for the Weekend Masses through March, 2021.  See links below.

https://signup.com/go/BbcwpYO     4pm Saturday Mass

https://signup.com/go/eQqZims       8am Mass

https://signup.com/go/SGsgLCe       10:00am Mass

https://signup.com/go/kqBNJus       11:30am Latin Mas

10/29/2020 Post

We are almost two months in with school back in session in person, with some students opting for distance learning.  Our Sacred Heart school faculty and staff have done a phenomenal job in ensuring all our students continue to get the very best education at Sacred Heart, while also following all safety protocols.  All of the work with our preparedness planning over the summer has been working well thus far.  As part of this planning, we have made changes to allow for more social distancing, better disinfecting, improving our ventilation systems, etc.  We are also fortunate that our students can attend Mass during the week.  We have made some adjustments this year to the student Mass schedule to allow for better social distancing.  The students are now split by grades and smaller groups attend Mass Tuesday through Friday mornings vs. the entire student body only on Fridays.   If anyone has anyone questions or concerns, please contact the parish office.  Thank you everyone for your support and prayers for our school faculty, staff, students and their families.

9/23/2020 Post

Per the Archdiocese, Pastors now have the option to distribute Holy Communion to the faithful in Communion lines at the usual time during Mass.  All other protocols regarding masks, social distancing, etc. remain in effect.

8/25/2020 Post

Additional Holy Communion Time Slots Added:  Father Pedersen will continue with the Holy Communion Services on Wednesdays 4-6pm. through the fall.   Click on the link to sign up http://signup.com/go/pzmypSg

8/20/2020 Post

We have added additional Mass sign-ups for the Weekend Masses through mid-December.  See links below.
http://signup.com/go/nKiqHNN – 4:00p.m. Saturday Mass
http://signup.com/go/fgbUZcq – 8:00a.m. Sunday Mass
http://signup.com/go/KSmMWiF – 10:00a.m. Sunday Mass
http://signup.com/go/bTVXEND – 11:30a.m. Sunday Latin Mass

8/18/2020 Post

Sacred Heart is once again hosting a Blood Drive in our gym on September 4, 2020 (1-6pm).  Click on flyer link for more information. 9-4-2020 blood drive

8/13/2020 Post

We have the following schedule for the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary:

August 14th –  5:30 PM Parking Lot Mass (W. Broadway)

August 15th –  8:00 AM Mass in Church (English)

August 15th – 10:30 AM Mass in Church (Latin)

Similar to daily mass there is no sign-up for these scheduled Masses, though we do ask all in attendance to observe social distancing and wear their masks while indoors unless you are exempt Gov. Walz’ executive order on face coverings. There is no obligation to attend Mass for this Holy Day as the Covid-19 dispensation of Archbishop Hebda is still in force, even in normal times the obligation would have been waived due to August 15th falling on Saturday this year. Nevertheless, we do want to observe this important day with the Solemnity it deserves.

8/12/2020 Post

Reminder:  Face Covering Mandate:  Churches are not exempt from the new face-covering mandate of Gov. Walz. Children 5 and under are exempt, as are those for whom wearing a mask poses medical complications to existing conditions. Masks should cover both nose and mouth unless this causes some hardship related to breathing or you are exempt from the mask mandate.  Those having a speaking role such as the priest, deacon, lector, etc. are exempt. Non-compliance could result in $1,000 fine for Sacred Heart, or $100 fine for an individual. Regardless of your feelings pro or con regarding face coverings please observe this executive order when coming inside the buildings of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

7/28/2020 Post

Sacred Heart School Re-Opening Plan:  Sacred Heart Catholic School has developed a School Pandemic Preparedness and Readiness Plan (PPRP) to help keep our students and staff safe and healthy as we return to school on September 8, 2020.  Click on the attachment for more details. Sacred Heart School Infographic22_

7/27/2020 Post

Additional Holy Communion Time Slots Through August:  Father Pedersen will continue with the Holy Communion Services on Wednesdays 4-6pm through August.  Click on the link to sign up http://signup.com/go/pzmypSg

Face Covering Mandate:  Churches are not exempt from the new face-covering mandate of Gov. Walz. Children 5 and under are exempt, as are those for whom wearing a mask poses medical complications to existing conditions. Those having a speaking role such as the priest, deacon, lector, etc. are exempt. Non-compliance could result in $1,000 fine for Sacred Heart, or $100 fine for an individual. Regardless of your feeling pro or con regarding face coverings please observe this executive order when coming inside the buildings of Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

7/14/2020 Post

Sacred Heart School is planning on opening for in-person classroom education on Tuesday, September 8th. Interested in learning more about Sacred Heart Catholic School? Our Advancement Director, Pat Moore, looks forward to connecting with you. Contact Pat Moore at pmoore@shcsr.org

6/29/2020 Post

Additional Holy Communion Time Slots Through July:  Father Pedersen will continue with the Holy Communion Services on Wednesdays 4-6pm through July.  Click on the link to sign up http://signup.com/go/pzmypSg

6/26/2020 Post

Independence  Day Office Hours: The Parish Office will be closed on Friday, July 3, 2020 in honor of Independence Day.  Enjoy the 4th of July holiday weekend!

6/22/2020 Post

New Video Series for Health Care Workers: A new five-part video series by Sister Mary Rachel Nerbun, “Reflection on Theological Sorrow for Healthcare Providers,” is now posted under “Support and Resources for Health Care Workers” at http://www.archspm.org/covid19/covid19prayers/

Health care works can also request prayers and sign up for a weekly email at the above link, and all may sign up to pray for these individuals serving on the front lines during this pandemic.

6/8/2020 Post

Mass Sign Up:  Thank you all for your patience as we have put our protocols in place and instituted the sign up process for returning to Mass based on our capacity, distancing and sanitizing restrictions and requirements.  There was some confusion after the first weekend with the sign up tool.  We have since made some modifications to hopefully make things more clear with the pews and slots.  The links under the 5/29/2020 post are the correct links.  If you aren’t sure if you are signed up and/or believe you may be doubled up with someone else, please check the link to see if your name is listed.  You can also contact the parish office and someone will help you confirm your spot.

Blood Drive:  Sacred Heart is again hosting a Blood Drive in the Activities Building.  Click on link for further information and ways to sign up: Blood Drive Information

5/29/2020 Post – Important Information on Resuming Public Masses in Church at Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart will be resuming public Masses in Church this weekend per new direction as outlined by Archbishop Hebda in his letter dated May 23, 2020.  We have been working diligently this past week to develop the proper protocols for returning to Mass at Sacred Heart.  The enclosed document provides information on Mass schedules, the sign-up process and safety protocols for both Sacred Heart and our parishioners/visitors.  Please read through these protocols carefully and contact the Parish Office with any questions or concerns. Sacred Heart Safety Protocols.

See links below for the sign-up slots for each Mass through the end of August.  Please note there are sign-up slots by pew for both the church and the chapel.  There are also sign-up slots for ushers needed at each Mass.   We are requesting ushers 65 and over refrain from volunteering.

http://signup.com/go/TExCYHU – Saturday 4pm Mass

https://signup.com/go/JLanaZE – Saturday Ushers

http://signup.com/go/rSnLjXh– Sunday, 8am Mass

http://signup.com/go/nLMpfZv – Sunday, 10am Mass

http://signup.com/go/MpZUQQZ – Sunday, 11:30am Latin Mass

https://signup.com/go/NAZpwEp – Sunday Ushers

We will continue to offer one parking lot Mass on Saturday at 5:30pm (104.9FM on your radio dial).

We will also live stream one Mass and post each weekend.

Daily Mass will also resume starting Tuesday, June 2, 2020 and will be offered Tuesday-Friday during the week.

See the following fliers with helpful directions on Coming Back to Mass safely and Receiving Holy Communion safely.



As we navigate through resuming Mass and ensuring we are following the proper protocols, there may be adjustments and tweaks along the way.  We ask for your patience and understanding during this process.  We will communicate any new or updated information via this website and flocknote messages.  Thank you all for your continued support of Sacred Heart during this time.  It is greatly appreciated!

Additional Holy Communion Time Slots:  Father will continue with the Holy Communion Services on Wednesdays through the month of June.  Clink on link for sign-up http://signup.com/go/vkYzite

5/26/2020 Post

Dear Parishioners,

On Wednesday May 20th, 2020 the Bishops of Minnesota released a letter to the priests and people of their respective dioceses authorizing the return to public Mass within Catholic Church buildings provided strict safety protocols could be followed including social distancing. Initially this authorization would have meant civil disobedience to Gov. Tim Walz’ previous “Stay Safe MN” executive order relating to religious gatherings inside Churches being no greater than ten persons. No doubt you heard about these matters through multiple media outlets both locally and nationally regarding this disagreement.

In the meantime, last Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 Gov. Tim Walz issued new guidelines allowing religious gatherings within Church buildings provided no more than 25% of a building is occupied, or a maximum number of 250 persons whilst also following social distancing guidelines and other protocols. For the most part these new guidelines are fairly similar to what the Bishops of Minnesota had originally proposed.

Since last Wednesday, I have been in conversation with my executive leadership team regarding how best to respond to these developments. Our initial conversations concerned the protocols of the Bishops of Minnesota and how we at Sacred Heart would respond. We have yet to talk as a team regarding the newest provisions of Gov. Walz from last Saturday, but will do so in the coming days.

The good news moving forward is that we will be able to have Mass within our Church building in the near future in fulfillment of our first amendment rights without having to engage in any form of civil disobedience.

Even though Gov. Tim Walz’ new guidelines allow public worship services indoors to take effect as early as Wednesday, May 27th, 2020, the earliest we at Sacred Heart would resume public Masses within our Church building would be this coming Saturday afternoon. I ask for your patience as I consult with my leadership team about the path forward in implementing these newest provisions.

Recognizing that people in our parish being of sound mind and having good will nevertheless will have come to different conclusions about what is most prudent, and will have differing levels of comfort regarding meeting in larger group settings, some with little or no concern, others with serious concerns, and still others in between, we will do our best to promote best practices regarding safety while at the same time moving forward to the next stage of reopening. At the same time during this next stage of gradual reopening we will do our best to ensure that we have multiple ways for you to engage in your spiritual and religious life that take into account these differing levels of comfort.

Stay tuned for further information this coming week about how we at Sacred Heart will meet these newest safety guidelines. In the meantime I leave you with a few documents to peruse including the original letter from the Minnesota Bishops from last Wednesday May 20th, 2020, an updated letter from Archbishop Hebda released on May 25th, 2020 following Gov. Tim Walz’ newest provisions issued on Saturday May 23rd, 2020, and finally a video message from Archbishop Hebda about these developments.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Bryan J.B. Pedersen, Pastor

The Church of the Sacred Heart

Robbinsdale, Minnesota

20.0520 MN Bishops’ Letter


5/22/2020 Post

Minnesota Bishops’ Announcement: Click on link to read the letter from the Minnesota Bishops regarding the limited return to public Mass. 20.0520 MN Bishops’ Letter

Sacred Heart will provide more information in response to this in the coming week.

Blood Drive:  Sacred Heart will again host a Blood Drive in our gym on June 12, 2020 from 1-6pm.  Click on link for more information.Blood Drive Information

5/14/2020 Post

Additional Holy Communion Spots Available: We have added some additional Holy Communion spots on the following dates:  May 16, 20, 23 & 27.  Please use the following link to sign-up. http://signup.com/go/wsuNFLG

5/13/2020 Post

Mass Update: See letter from Archbishop Hebda regarding a phased approach to the resumption of public Masses. COVID19 MASS UPDATE +HEBDA 5-1-20.  We will provide updates as we learn more regarding the current Stay Home order that goes through May 18.

5/7/2020 Post

Gertens Plant Pick-up: If you ordered plants from the Sacred Heart School Plant Sale, the plants will be available for pick-up between 3-6p.m. today 5/7/2020 in the main West Broadway Parking Lot.

Social distancing protocol in place for pick-up.

5/1/2020 Post

Holy Communion Sign-up: Archbishop Hebda has given permission for the reception of Holy Communion by the faithful once during the Easter season by way of setting up appointments. In doing so we must follow the social distancing protocols that have been recommended to ensure safety. To facilitate these appointments for Holy Communion during the Easter Season we are setting up an online Sign-Up for parishioners of Sacred Heart. Each appointment will have no more than 10 individuals at a time.  Over the course of the next two weeks there will be opportunities for you to sign-uphttp://signup.com/go/upBNxSc

  • There will be several 15 minutes appointments on the Saturdays of May 2nd and 9th from 10am – 1pm, and on the Wednesday of May 6th and 13th from 4pm – 7pm. Each appointment has eight slots available for signup. Me and one usher will constitute the ninth and tenth persons.  
  • If you are a family be sure to signup each member that will be coming. Children who have not made their first Holy Communion may come to receive a blessing. As Jesus says: Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. 
  • Arrive at door #8 in the West Broadway lot. At the start of your appointed time, the usher will bring you into the Sacred Heart Chapel. The area will be sanitized between appointments 
  • To ensure safety please wear a mask and follow the six feet rule. However, families from the same physical household will be able to sit close to one another in the chapel.  
  • There will be eight designated spots in the pews for individuals from different households.  
  • In the Sacred Heart Chapel/cry room we will follow the short ritual for Holy Communion outside of Mass. 
  • As you enter and exit the building make use of the hand sanitizing station while following social distancing. 
  • If it would be easier for you contact Bunny Brouillard at 612-581-3138, who will help you to sign-up for one of the appointments.    

**Note:  Message sent through FlockNote to our database e-mails.  Please check your Junk Mail for FlockNote messages from Sacred Heart both now and in the future**

4/30/2020 Post

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament:  Starting Thursday, May 7, 2020 9:00am-1:00pm.  This will continue every Thursday.  We hope to expand this and will communicate when we do.  Remember, no more than 10 people at any given time and practice the social distancing recommendations.

Renewal of our National Consecration to the Blessed Virgin Mary:  Livestream Friday, May 1 at 2:00p.m.  See link to livestream http://usccb.org/about/communications/consecration.cfm and link to program http://www.usccb.org/about/communications/upload/consecration-usa-mary-mother-of-church.pdf

Feast of St. Joseph the Worker:  Friday, May 1 is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  Pope Pius XIII composed a St. Joseph prayer fitting for our pandemic.  That prayer ST JOSEPH THE WORKER PRAYER and those who pray it may obtain a partial indulgence.

4/29/2020 Post

A huge thank you to all who have continued to support Sacred Heart Catholic Church & School during this time.  It is greatly appreciated.  Please continue to check our website and facebook for the most up to date information.

Reminder:  Confessions available daily Tuesday-Saturday 7:15am-7:45am and Saturdays 9-10am and 2:30-3:30pm.  See sign posted at Door 8 off West Broadway Parking Lot with instructions.

“A Million Families and a Million Rosaries”:  The Little Sisters of the Poor have launched a campaign to ask families to pray the rosary for an end to the coronavirus pandemic.  You can sign up at http://littlesistersofthepoor.org.  Click on the campaign flyer for more information. Million+Rosaries

4/24/2020 Post

Click on attached link below for “How to Celebrate Mass Online”  and “Act of Spiritual Communion”.

How to Celebrate Mass Online


4/23/2020 Post

All middle and high school youth are invited to tune in to our very first Virtual Youth Night this Saturday, April 25th, at 6PM!  We’ll be teaming up with St. Raphael’s to quiz Matt on some Catholic trivia.  If he gets them correct, great! But if he gets them wrong, he’ll have to pour different messy things on his head.  It’ll be a great way to to learn about Catholicism and have a few laughs.  You can find it live streamed on Sacred Heart’s Facebook page or the Youth Ministry Instagram page (@sacredheartmn).

4/22/2020 Post

Young adults are invited to join Bishop Andrew Cozzens and Vincenzo Randazzo from the Archdiocesan Office of Marriage, Family and Life, on Thursday, April 23, at 7 p.m. for a #FacebookLive and #YouTubeLive streamed conversation.  Check out this link for more information: http://www.archspm.org/quarantine-with-cozzens-conversation-for-young-adults/

72nd Annual Rosary Procession:  Archbishop Hebda and Bishop Cozzens will be livestreaming the event from the Cathedral of St. Paul on Sunday, May 3, 2020 a 2:00p.m.  Tune in, download a worship guide, and find more information at: http://www.archspm.org/rosary/

Sacred Heart School Update:  Check out the enclosed Morning Message from Sacred Heart School’s Principal – Karen Bursey on this Earth Day: http://www.smore.com/nw6df

4/17/2020 Post

Litany in Time of Need:  Daily at 11:05am on Relevant Radio 1330AM

Sacred Heart School Update:  Check out the enclosed Morning Message from Sacred Heart School’s Principal – Karen Bursey, and see what’s happening with the school and distance learning: http://www.smore.com/3xjut

4/15/2020 Post

Updated Mass Schedule: 

  • Parking Lot Mass on Sunday at 10:00a.m. and 11:30a.m. (Latin Mass).  Broadcast through radio on FM 104.9.
  • Live Stream Mass from Church:  Sunday at 8:00a.m.

Chapel Open for Prayer:

  • Monday: 8:30am – Noon
  • Tuesday-Thursday:  8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Friday: 8:30am – Noon

**Note:  No more than 10 people in the Chapel for prayer at any given time.  Practice physical distancing.  Use disinfectant provided in Chapel to wipe your area after you leave**

4/13/2020 Post

Notice:  As a notice to our Sacred Heart Community, due to all the on-line activity occurring during this pandemic, phishing scams are increasing via e-mail and/or texting, as well as phone calls from people who claim to be from the IRS or anyone you don’t know asking for funds and/or account information.  Never give out out social security numbers or account information to someone over the phone or via e-mail or text.

4/9/2020 Post

Video Call Security Tips:  Since many of us have turned to Zoom to connect with family, friends and work colleagues, here are some tips to keep your Zoom calls secure: http://archspmmainsite.s3.amazonaws.com/News/COVID19/Zoom+Security+Tips_2020.pdf

Archbishop Hebda was recently on WCCO – check out the interview: http://wccoradio.radio.com/media/audio-channel/archbishop-bernard-hebda

Here are some social media images and articles you might find helpful from CATHOLICLINK for the rest of this Holy Week http://catholic-link.org/?s=holy+week

4/8/2020 Post

Reminder:  The Parish Office will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday.   You can leave a message on the general voice mail and your call will be returned on Tuesday.  If an emergency arises and you need a priest, please follow the instructions on our voice mail.

Triduum Live Stream Schedule on Church of the Sacred Heart’s Facebook page (click on Holy Mass Live Stream Button on Website Cover Page):

Holy Thursday (4/9):  7:00p.m.

Good Friday (4/10):  3:00p.m.

Easter Vigil (Saturday 4/11):  9:00p.m.

Sunday (4/12) Parking Lot Mass:  8:00a.m., 10:00a.m. and Noon (Latin Mass):  Follow directions from Parking Attendants at the West Broadway Parking Lot.  Keep windows rolled up.  Bring your personal mobile device to follow the audio.  There will not be Holy Communion.  There will be Benediction as people exit the parking lot.

**  If you choose not to come to the parking lot, you can Live Stream the Sunday Parking Lot Masses**

4/6/2020 Post

Blessed Palms are available for pick-up at Sacred Heart – Door #8 in the vestibule.  Stop by during normal business hours 8:30-4:30.

Visit archspm.org/holyweek for an invitation from Bishop Cuzzins for a Virtual Holy Week Retreat.

4/4/2020 Post

Dear Friends,

Holy Week, the culmination of our Lenten journey begins this evening with the anticipated Mass for Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion.

Here is our Saturday Schedule:

Extra Opportunities for the Sacrament of Penance will take place tomorrow April 4th from 9-10am and from 2:30-3:30pm.

Park at the orange cone in the West Broadway Lot by door #8.

A live stream of Mass will occur at 4:00pm.
Sadly, due to new safety provisions issued by Archbishop Hebda we cannot give Holy Communion even drive through style.

However, Blessed Palms can be distributed. I will do so from 5-6pm by Door#8 off the West Broadway parking lot. There are certain safety protocols that must be followed.

Please pass the word around or share this post. I will also post a schedule for Sunday in another post.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Bryan J.B. Pedersen

4/2/2020 Post

Adoration:  The Tabernacle is set up in the lobby vestibule of Door #8 (West Broadway Parking Lot).  You may feel free to drive up in your car and park in front of Door #8 to pray before the Tabernacle while in your car.  You can do this at any time.


    • Schedule beginning Friday, April 3, 2020:
      • Daily Tuesday-Saturday 7:15a.m.-7:45a.m.
      • Saturdays: 9:00-10:00a.m. and 2:30-3:30p.m.
      • Holy Thursday, April 9: 8:00-9:00p.m.
      • Good Friday, April 10: 4:30-5:30p.m.
    • Instructions:
      • Enter from W. Broadway Ave. Form car line(s) at the orange cone(s) at Door #8. When your turn comes, enter one by one at the door that is propped open. A priest is present when the candle is lit by the stand next to the violet curtain. Stand at violet curtain and begin confession.  If there is more than one person in your car all others should wait in the car while the confession is being heard to preserve the seal of confession. As the penitent leaves the vestibule the next person may exit from their car to enter.

4/1/2020 Post

Reminder:  If you are looking for a Lenten Meal, Sacred Heart has cases of frozen fish available for sale:  $70 per case (~35 pieces of Cod fish).  Stop by the Parish Office (West Broadway Entrance) between 8:30-4:30p.m. during the week.

3/31/2020 Post

Just as a reminder, while the Parish Office is closed, the Business Administrator (Mary Daugherty) is working on-site accepting mail and deliveries and any other items needed to be dropped off or picked up.  She is also responding to phone calls, so please reach out with any questions or concerns.  If you call (763-537-4561) and nobody is available to take your call, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  You can also e-mail any questions and/or concerns to mdaugherty@shrmn.org or cshadmin@shrmn.org.

We will provide additional information regarding palms for Palm Sunday soon.

We hope you are all doing well!

3/28/2020 Post

Dear Friends,

Thus far I have had Holy Communion “drive through style” following private Mass during the pandemic. If you can go to a drive through or get carry out for regular food why not for the Holy Eucharist which is also food – literally and spiritually?

But I have come down with a cold, which for me has manifested itself primarily as nasal congestion. I also have a minor sore throat, but have no trouble swallowing, I have coughed only mildly and very occasionally. I have not had any fever, or shortness of breath, or chest pains.

For this reason, and because of the “Stay at Home” order I will refrain from giving Holy Communion at this time. The times I had announced for “Drive Through Style Holy Communion” and the Confession times this weekend on Facebook and our website are no longer valid.

We should not self-diagnose. I may just have a garden variety cold. Yet, the whole reason for the “Stay at Home” order is to give our Health Care Workers the means to treat those with serious illness due to CoviD-19 without being overwhelmed.

If there was no Covid-19 virus causing potentially fatal results, these symptoms I am manifesting would not typically result in me refraining from saying public Mass or distributing communion after washing my hands and sanitizing them with Purell or Thieves sanitizer.

But there is this virus. Given what I am experiencing were I to call my doctor I doubt they would recommend a test for Covid-19, as they are reserving tests for those with serious symptoms. Yet, I can not in good conscience put anyone at risk due to a lack of knowledge or presumption on my part that I only have a regular cold.

I apologize for any confusion due to the constantly changing circumstances. I do this reluctantly since a pastor of souls is meant to feed the flock, but I can not in good conscience put anyone at risk during this time, even if I only have a garden variety cold.

Be assured of my prayers and affection for all of you. Do check out the Mass Live-streams. These I can do by myself without putting anyone at risk. The Saturday morning live stream for March 28th, however, will be delayed however until mid-day.

Yours in the Heart of Christ,

Fr. Bryan J.B. Pedersen

3/27/2020 Post

Parish Office Coverage Change:  Due to the updated “Stay at Home” Executive Order 20-20 from Gov. Walz, the Parish Office will be closed beginning March 30-April 10, 2020.  The Business Administrator will be working on-site accepting mail and deliveries and responding to phone calls.  All other staff will be working remotely from home.  If you call (763-537-4561) and nobody is available to take your call, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.  You can also e-mail any questions and/or concerns to mdaugherty@shrmn.org or cshadmin@shrmn.org.


For emergency Sacramental Needs – Last Rites call 763-290-0357 — Covid-19 protocols for anointing will be followed. Leave your name, number and reason for calling if not answered live. Non-sacramental emergencies will be answered through ordinary channels.


During the COVID-19 crisis, Sacred Heart’s Little Angel’s Childcare does have temporary spots available for any families who are in need of childcare. The age range during the pandemic is 12months – 10yrs. Please direct all inquiries to 763-537-4561 or 763-533-5059.


Rescheduled Fish Fry on April 3, 2020 has been canceled.  We do have cases of frozen fish for sale ($70 per case – includes ~35 pieces of Cod Filets).  Please contact the Parish Office 763-537-4561 if interested.


Archbishop Bernard Hebda invites the faithful to join in watching Pope Francis’ extraordinary blessing “urbi et orbi” (to the city and the world) Friday, March 27, at noon Central (6 p.m. Rome time). With this comes the opportunity for a plenary indulgence under certain conditions. Learn more: www.archspm.org/popeblessing


Here is information on how to receive the associated plenary indulgence, dependent upon a person’s situation: Coronavius Indulgence Handout (Grid)

3/24/2020 Post (all items below updated as of March 27)

Please note, we will not be mailing a bulletin until large groups can return to the campus. Future bulletins will be posted on our website. All other updates can be found on our website or through Facebook posts.

All public Masses have been suspended by Archbishop Hebda until April 10th (This could be extended). Private Mass without a congregation is being celebrated and live streamed on Facebook during this time.

See below in Divine Worship and Sacraments for updates (3/27/2020) to Live streaming schedule of Holy Mass, opportunities for Holy Communion and Confession, etc.

In General

  • If parishioners are in need of any assistance, please contact the parish office at 763-537-4561
  • Please follow both our website (www.shrmn.org) and Facebook (Church of the Sacred Heart @shrobbinsdale and Sacred Heart Catholic School @SHCSRobbinsdale) for all updates and other ways to stay connected to Sacred Heart Catholic Church and School during this time.
  • All activities and meetings have been canceled through April 10, 2020 at this time.
  • The Parish Office will remain open for those deemed essential workers, or those exempt from Gov. Walz executive order.  The main building will be closed to the public beginning March 23, 2020, with the exception of deliveries.  During the “Stay at Home” period from March 28th, 12:00 AM through April 10th, 5:00 PM we will be checking voicemails left on our general voice mailbox frequently.
  • Since many of you may revert to more on-line shopping, if you are shopping on Amazon, please shop through Amazon Smile or by using the link below.  Amazon donates .5% off the price of your purchase to support Sacred Heart during this challenging time. https://smile.amazon.com/ch/41-0834785
  • Click on these links from the MN Department of Health regarding current COVID-19 information.  MNDept of Health – COVID-19 and GeneralInfo COVID-19
  • We know that these are difficult times for everyone.  If you are able to continue with your offertory giving to Sacred Heart, please feel free to mail in  your contributions.  If you have not utilized our on-line capability, please go to our “Online Giving” button on the cover page of the website and follow these instructions.  It is a safe and secure way to give on-line.  Click here for detailed instruction from Vanco.  We certainly appreciate your continued support of Sacred Heart especially during this time and always.
  • Volunteer Opportunities:
    • See these links for volunteer opportunities arranged through the MN Department of Labor and Industry.  This organization provides great opportunities for people to volunteer and make a difference.  The Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response, Minnesota Department of Health, is asking that offers for help be funneled to these two places during the COVID-19 pandemic:
  • Litany in Time of Need:  Litany in Time of Need 2020
  • For published bulletins click here.
  • Visit shrmn.formed.org  for Catholic on Demand Media – from video to books to audio – for all ages
  • Please see below for further details about particular areas of Parish life:

Divine Worship and Sacraments

  • Holy Mass
    • All public celebrations of Mass are suspended in the Archdiocese. 
      • Click here to read the letter from Archbishop Hebda. 
      • Video Link:  https://youtu.be/VykL90-4PTY
    • Private celebration of Mass without a congregation will take place through live streaming on Facebook.
    • We are still experimenting with Vimeo and YouTube. Check back here for updates.
    • Like and Follow Church of the Sacred Heart on Facebook.
    • To have direct access to live streaming and recordings of Mass, and other videos messages.
      • Holy Mass Live streaming schedule (Private Mass without a congregation) as of March 24th, 2020:
        • Daily: Tuesday – Saturday at 8:00 AM
        • Saturday Vigil: 4:00 PM
        • Sunday Mornings:
          • 8:30 AM – English (Ordinary Form)
          • 11:00 AM – Latin (Extraordinary Form)
  • Holy Communion outside of Mass
    • Will be offered to Catholics following the private celebration of Mass. Holy Communion is both physical and spiritual food. Proper CDC recommendation regarding social distancing must be followed.
    • Drive Through/Take Out style in Vestibule at Door #8 in the W. Broadway Parking Lot. Enter the vestibule only if the doors are propped open. (See Instructions below schedule).
      • Schedule as of March 24th, 2020:
        • Daily: Tuesday – Saturday 8:40 – 9:00 AM
        • Saturday Vigil: 4:45 – 5:45 PM
        • Sundays: 9:30 – 10:30 AM and 12:30 – 1:30 PM
      • Instructions:
        • Enter from W. Broadway. Form car line(s) at the orange cones(s) at Door #8. One car at a time. When your car reaches the front of the line all exit from car and enter vestibule when door is propped open. Practice appropriate social distancing and follow public health guidelines. If sick stay at home. As you enter the vestibule use the hand sanitizing station. Sunday Offertory Envelopes/Donations may be dropped off in the basket. As your car leaves use the 40 1/2 Ave exit. Respect each other, follow instructions from the parking lot attendant if present.
  • Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation
    • This sacrament must be celebrated in person. Proper CDC recommendations regarding social distancing must be followed.
    • Confessions during Pandemic in Vestibule at Door #8 in the W. Broadway Parking Lot. (See Instructions below schedule):
      • Schedule beginning March 24th, 2020:
        • Daily: Tuesday – Saturday 7:15 – 7:45 AM
        • Saturday 9:00 – 10: AM and 2:30 – 3:30 PM
        • By appointment for parishioners – please send an email to Fr. Pedersen.
      • Instructions:
        • Enter from W. Broadway Ave. Form car line(s) at the orange cone(s) at Door #8. When your turn comes, enter one by one at the door that is propped open. A priest is present when the candle is lit by the stand next to the violet curtain. Stand at violet curtain and begin confession.  If there is more than one person in your car all others should wait in the car while the confession is being heard to preserve the seal of confession. As the penitent leaves the vestibule the next person may exit from their car to enter.
  • Anointing of the Sick and/or Last Rites:
    • There are certain protocols that must be followed please send an email to Fr. Pedersen or call the emergency number 763-290-0357 to arrange.
  • Baptism: 
    • It is recommended that Baptism be delayed.
    • Baptism will be administered in danger of death.
    • If Baptism is celebrated certain protocols must be followed.
    • Send an email to Bunny Brouillard for more information.
  • Thursday Eucharistic Adoration:
    • On Thursdays Eucharistic Adoration will continue to take place from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM at Door # 8.
    • Park your car in the space provided. Remain in your car. You will be able to see the Blessed Sacrament through the glass vestibule door.
    • The Rosary, Litany in Time of Need, and the Litany of the Sacred Heart will be offered at 7:30 PM concluding with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
  • Funerals:
    • If possible, all funerals will be suspended until after the resumption of public masses. If funerals must occur a maximum of ten people will be allowed to be present. Graveside services for the committal of the body or cremains may still take place following Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.
    • If burial occurs without a funeral Mass, a special memorial Mass may take place with all family and friends with the resumption of public Masses.
  • Weddings:
    • Maintain social distancing (10 person maximum, 6 feet apart, no physical contact).
    • A small, sacramental ceremony could be celebrated now.
    • A special renewal of vows Mass or ceremony followed by a formal reception can be scheduled for after the pandemic has passed.

Sacred Heart Catholic School

Faith Formation

  • Sunday School is canceled until further notice.
  • Adult Ed Classes have been canceled until further notice.
  • Faith Formation classes are canceled until further notice.  In-home class packets have been sent home.  Please contact Morgan Timmerman at mtimmerman@shrmn.org for further information and/or to answer any questions.

Youth Ministry

  • All in person Youth Ministry is cancelled until further notice.
  • But just because we can’t meet in person, that doesn’t mean Youth Ministry will be stopping!
    • We will be transitioning to online ministry to keep everything going.  What does that mean for everyone?  We will be having a variety of great opportunities to stay engaged to the Sacred Heart community, grow in your faith, and have fun!  Check your email for all the details on what will be going on.
    • If you aren’t receiving Youth Ministry email updates please email Matt Kruc at mkruc@shrmn.org to be added to the email list.
    • Also be sure to follow Sacred Heart Youth Ministry on Instagram @sacredheartmn to keep up to date with everything that’s going on.

Sacred Heart Child-Care

  • Childcare will remain open at this time in response to the Governor’s request to maintain childcare facilities if at all possible.  If anything changes with this, we will post updated information on our website.